We deliver exceptional quality, de-risked solar farm projects on an accelerated timeline.

Doing Business with Core Solar


Core Solar, with offices in Austin, Texas and Charlotte, North Carolina, is a professional solar project development services company. We deliver high quality projects to leading energy companies and utilities in the United States.

Our deep understanding of solar development means we focus only on projects that are highly likely to succeed in the competitive market. We don't want to waste your time or ours. 


Benefits of Leasing/Selling Your Land 


Stable Income - Predictable payments throughout the lifetime of the project. 

No Added Property Tax Liability - Core Solar pays the increase in property taxes on the land we lease.

Secure Your Land Legacy -  A long-term lease can provide your family with income for decades to come.


Why Core?


You will be working directly with Core Solar's technical industry experts and decision makers, not brokers or agents.


Core Solar offers highly competitive rates that allow for predictable income and long-term planning.


Core Solar brings experts experienced in engineering, consulting, and resource evaluation that have demonstrated success on hundreds of solar projects in the United States.


We contract with leading energy companies with proven investment grade credit and constructed projects. 


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Core Solar has done everything they said they would to develop a solar project on my property. In fact, they have exceeded my expectations
— DS Williams, Florida landowner
We were approached by several companies to lease our property for a solar project. Ultimately, we selected Core Solar as our developer based on their knowledge, experience and professionalism.
— H&J Family Trust, Alabama landowner

What We Look For

  • Relatively flat land

  • Greater than 50 acres

  • Close to existing transmission infrastructure

  • No wetlands or floodplain areas

  • Cleared or agricultural land

  • Land throughout the United States



I’m a landowner interested in solar projects 


We are currently looking for land throughout the country for solar project development. Please click on the link below to provide basic information about your property. We will evaluate the viability of your land and get back to you. This form is for individuals who have not received a direct inquiry from Core Solar. 

Please Note: Land must have 50+ contiguous acres, be relatively flat and free of wetlands and floodplain areas. 


First Project Steps 


1. Initial Conversation . . .

We discuss your general interest in a solar project, ownership status, easements, title restrictions, and other relevant matters. If you are interested in the project, we will discuss lease rates and other primary lease terms (length of lease, equipment removal, property taxes, construction activities etc.).

2. Site Visit and Negotiate Terms . . .

Core Solar will arrange a site visit to meet with landowners and view the property. We will further explain the project lifecycle and answer any additional questions. The landowner and Core Solar will work to agree on key deal terms, including option and lease rates.

3. Execute Lease or Purchase Option . . .

Landowner and Core Solar will review all final terms and then execute the lease or purchase option. Under either agreement, the landowner continues to use the land without interference from Core Solar. Core Solar will conduct environmental, electric grid interconnection, and other studies that do not require use of the site, though modest and infrequent access will be needed to support these efforts.


Typical Project Phases

all phases.JPG

Option Period


Landowners can continue the current use of the property (e.g. farming, grazing, etc.)

Core Solar will conduct studies, complete the interconnection process, and negotiate a power purchase agreement (PPA), among other development activities 

Construction Period

solar construction

Landowners cease use of leased property

Core Solar will require full use of the leased property for construction of the project

Operations Period

Victory Solar panels pic 15.jpg

Landowners cease use of leased property

Core Solar will require full use of the leased property for operations of the project


Solar projects are not just good for the landowners and utility companies, they bring economic benefits to the entire community. 


Money into the Community

Investment - Outside investment into the community

Increased Tax Base - Additional tax receipts over the project life

Community Purchases - Increase in local purchases of goods and services

Lease Revenues - Multiple landowners to receive annual payments over 25 plus years, money that often stays in the local community



Construction Jobs - Influx of up to 300 temporary high paying construction jobs, many of which from local companies/contractors

Long Term Jobs - May attract additional third-party provider and professional service companies to area


solar farm.jpg


Sustainable Energy Generation - Stable, low cost, long term, generation with no contaminants,  emissions or other pollutants




How much will I get paid? . . .

Our lease and purchase terms are designed to be attractive to landowners. In every case, we evaluate property within its respective market to establish a fair and beneficial price for both parties. We know there is a lot that you can do with your land and we want to make sure your decision to host a solar project is one that you will benefit from and be proud of for years to come.

Who is responsible for paying taxes on my land after I enter a lease agreement? . . .

The solar project covers any increased property taxes associated with the leased area, as well as any rollback taxes as part of the change in the land use status.

How long will be the land be under option? . . .

The land is under option generally for 36 months which is needed to develop the project which includes activities such as permitting, interconnection applications, and environmental studies.

Can I use property during the option period? . . .

Yes, landowners can continue to use the land as they have in the past (ranching, farming etc.) When the option is exercised, appropriate consideration will be given to landowners to cover any commercial impacts to farming or other operations.

Do you pay landowners during the option period? . . .

Yes, landowners will receive payments during the option period.

What happens to the solar project equipment once the lease is over? . . .

Decommissioning the solar project is a part of the lease agreement. It is the responsibility of the lessee to remove all infrastructure associated with the solar project. The land is restored to pre-construction condition.

Are there environmental impacts to the land? . . .

Solar is a renewable energy resource that does not have long term environmental impacts associated with traditional energy sources. Solar energy does not produce air or water pollution or greenhouse gases.

What happens if the solar project operator becomes insolvent? . . .

The project operator will post a bond that could be used by the landowner to remove the equipment and restore the property in the event of operator insolvency.